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Are you a travel blogger? Are you passionate about traveling and love to? Or if you think that you can demonstrate your work in starting arrangements, with the practical and authentic trip and tricks, applicable life hacks, and exploring slightly and varying eccentric outing ideas in your expression of thoughts. This is a great opportunity for you as a writer to share your thoughts on We consider the content to write for us travel blog that brings value to readers. 


Why sojourn writing? write for from fancies and all embellishments adding value to the exploration of guest blogger plain. The embellishing features such as causal reasoning, concept formation, Practical Scrutiny, possessing a skeptical attitude, practical logical reasoning, the utility of empirical evidence, and hypothesis testing would add considerable value to the adventuristic blog post. Wanderlust writing is one of the different genres in the literature of adventuristic writing. Write for us travel blogs should be around the listed weight. 

Why Should You Write For Us Travel Blog?

Is it traveling or writing on the same page? A bit like an annoying sound! After all, experiences and stories are meant to be shared in the right place? You don’t have to be an English wiz or have expensive equipment, just a passion for writing and wanderlust exposure, as well as following our guidelines below and away you go! Write for us in search of like-minded people that contribute by sharing their thoughts on the outing pitch. 


The Art of the excursion is one of the largest media and publication houses, a hybrid encyclopedia, FREE destination guides, and long-form adventure blog posts. There is a huge list on which you can share your thought set. Following are topics though you shall submit guest posts. 

  • Beautiful adventure places
  • Traveling Tips
  • List of  Places
  • Photography 
  • List for things to do
  • Tours & Groups plans
  • Shops & Places
  • Planning 
  • Accommodations and Guides
  • Destination in Europe
  • Asian Destinations
  • Gifts

If you have an exciting idea, excursion tips, or hacks to share – we have enthusiastic bloggers who would love to hear your story.

Travel Guest Posting Content Guidelines

The travel industry is rapidly changing day by day. People are adventuristic more and more often. International and adventure trips is a rising trend. This is all good news but this also means, more pollution, more destruction of nature, fewer quieter places, and too many photos of almost every place on this earth. Here are a few guidelines you can follow to share your content. 

  • Your Writing tone must be as written as if you’re talking to a friend or colleague. We’re not an overly formal brand in traveling, so the written content should be the right tone.
  • Write that our audience likes. Our audience is diversified and mostly between the ages of 18-and 59. We welcome any content that offers different perspectives, experiences, and viewpoints, whether it’s an inspirational story, opinion piece, or advice on trips.
  • Your topic should be something that our readers are interested in reading. Spend a few minutes browsing our site to get a feel of our content ideas.
  • Your photos should match the content of your post and be visually stunning according to the content. You can take inspiration from the stock photos ideas.
  • If we have already covered the topic or your guest post idea, our team of professional writers will be in touch right away to suggest possible related topics, so you can’t really go wrong.
  • The guest post content topic you choose must be relevant to our tours and destinations. Please check that our tours go to the destination you choose to write about. External links to unaffiliated websites are not permitted for promotional activities. 
  • Please make sure that your post fits this keyword and the outline we’ve provided, otherwise, we won’t be able to publish it.

How to Find Guest Posting Sites

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How Do You Go About Publishing? 

Interested in write for us travel blog?

 We are as well. Submit your proposal at adding in the subject line “Travel Guest Post Proposal ” and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Have a great day and we hope you will be the one to write for us travel blog.